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"One who lives near the goathill"

A little bit about Michelle*

When Michelle was growing up, she was the "creative one" in her family.  As a teen, she designed the family Christmas card, which her silkscreener father would then produce.

Years later, she renewed the handmade card tradition with her husband and children, this time making individual collages using illustrations from vintage books. When the thought of throwing away the book covers proved uncomfortable, she developed the process of turning them into little albums.

As it so often does, one thing led to another—after all, vintage board games aren't so very different from vintage books—and soon Michelle was rescuing all kinds of unwanted objects, and her business was born.

Today, she shares her passion through Goathill Productions, giving new life to nostalgic items, and delighting customers across the country and around the world.


* in case you’re wondering, “Geissbuhler” translates roughly as “one who lives near the goat hill” in Swiss German, so …..


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